Your wedding photographs and album are a keepsake that you will treasure for all your years to come. They are also your legacy to future generations – a family heritage touchstone that places you in the lives of those who will follow you.  Your wedding also marks the coming together of two families – a unique unity forged by the bride and groom that will play a significant role in the couple’s lives in the years ahead. 


At Pelazzari Photography, we know and value the importance of creating wedding artwork that will last the test of time. Whether you hang a featured wedding photo on your wall or showcase your favourite photographs in one of our beautiful albums or both, your wedding images tell your love story and are definitely worth preserving.   As well as lasting the test of time, we want you to have wedding artwork and albums that are as individual as you. Every couple is different, and your wedding day carries all the hallmarks of who you are.We source handcrafted materials to create customised albums, prints and canvases to your specific requirements. We use only the finest Australian finishes and archival quality papers that are guaranteed to withstand the ravages of time.

These days couples can fall for the trap of storing their wedding photographs in the Cloud or some other platform of the day. However, there is always the risk that your beautiful photos will soon be out-of-sight, out-of-mind. The only time you see them is when you physically go into your phone or computer to look at them. Gaining access to your wedding photographs is dependent on having a charged battery or powerpoint. In our view, that should never be the case when it comes to your treasured wedding memories.Let us help to design wall art to suit your home or create a family album that as an enduring record of your most precious life moments.