Fashion photography is where we started. As a young Brisbane photographic studio, we cut our teeth in the fashion industry.  We have shot designer’s advertising campaigns, editorials for national and international print, and online publications and magazine covers.  Those years provided us with invaluable experience in how to create high-quality images with a degree of sophistication and finesse that sets our work apart from the rest. Having moved into wedding photography, we now dedicate ourselves to bringing that level of artistry to your wedding images and videography. As you look through our pages, you will notice that we create the mood and position our couples to not only feature them in their best light but to bring all the elements together – the natural light, the weather, the colours of the surroundings and the small details that add that touch of special to every shot. Our ‘eye’ helps us to capture the quiet intimate moments between our brides and grooms as well as the fun times they share with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, family and friends, kids and pets throughout the day.

The editing process is the next important step. We sort through your photographs, selecting and refining as we go to ensure only the best images make it into your album. We put the same energy and commitment into your videography.  We might shoot hours of footage, but we carefully scan every second and edit your video or film so that you get the high-quality results you expect from our team. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event. You have spent months, perhaps years in the planning to make everything perfect. You look breathtaking on the day, filled with joy and love. You are looking to your future together and uniting your two families. We are there with you to capture and showcase your momentous occasion with a wedding album and video of exceptional quality and beauty.