Your company deserves to be seen in the best light.
You invest a lot of time, energy and money into being the best in the business.
Building your brand and marketing your business to the people that count is a vital part of that success.
Our Brisbane photographic and videography team are experts when it comes to recording the big events in your business growth – the milestones that highlight your people and products and their influence in the marketplace.
With a strong background in advertising, news and commercial media, we produce the highest quality audiovisual and images for your:


  • Gala events i.e., award nights , anniversaries and launch celebrations
  • Expos, road shows and industry events
  • Marketing and branding materials for print and digital media 
  • Press/Media kits
  • Training videos
One of the biggest trends in social media marketing is to showcase your message in short and entertaining videos. Clever high-quality videography is what we call ‘sticky’ business.
Seeing is believing. Showing your consumers exactly what they can expect from your product in a short and engaging video can build enormous trust. Consumers are more likely to believe in your product because they can see it with their own eyes.


You can achieve greater market cut through a video campaign. Even the laziest consumer can be easy converts. If they like your video and it gives them the whole story in a couple of minutes that is often enough for them – they are sold!


Videography can grip your audience, direct them to your website, generate sales and create waves of viral marketing as people share your video with their social networks. And when this happens, your message builds and sticks in the minds of your consumers.


These are good reasons to consider videography as a priority when putting together your digital marketing campaigns. Pelazzari Photography can help you to scope and plan your videography program for every kind of digital campaign or promotional event.