For some couples, feeling relaxed in front of a camera can be a real challenge. We can be so critical of ourselves in photographs and search for even the tiniest flaw – which we are certain to find, right? Even when others don’t see it. However, being camera shy can hit fever pitch when it comes to your wedding day with the pressure on to look your best for the pics. We get it! Better still, we can help. Morgan and Frank are a great example of a couple who realised they might struggle to loosen up and make the most of having their wedding photo session. They wanted their photos to reflect all the joy of their special day. Their solution was to do an engagement shoot; a prelude to the wedding shoot that would help them change those frozen moments into melting moments. Morgan dressed in a George Wu custom design gown for the occasion with hair and makeup to add the finishing touches. Frank donned beige chinos and white open neck shirt. They both looked beautiful.

Picture-perfect, in fact! On location and secluded among the leafy green cane fields at Jacob’s Well, Morgan and Frank had the time and space to be together; to be in the moment without thinking about the camera or why we were there.  The result was a collection of exceptional photographs with the bride and groom looking radiant, relaxed and totally in love. Also, when you choose a backdrop, you are placing yourselves in a setting that says a lot about who you are as a couple – a place that is a natural fit for you both. As a Brisbane wedding photographer and Brisbane videographer, we can visit your locations, talk through your ideas and devise plans for the wedding shoot. You can rehearse the plan with an engagement shoot, just like Morgan and Frank. Working together as a team, as we do, goes a long way to giving you confidence that everything photographic will be perfect on the day.