From the outset, Budda and Ruby had a very clear idea of what they wanted from their wedding day and how they would manage to get those precious wedding images for their album. Many couples have their wedding photographs taken after the ceremony. This creates an interval in the proceedings with wedding guests filling the time with social drinks and chitchat, or if close to home it might be a chance to head that way for a quick kip before the festivities get underway. But for Budda and Ruby, the interval was something they wanted to avoid.  Instead, they opted to have a pre-wedding shoot. This enabled them to get their couple images done and dusted so they could spend as much time as possible partying with their friends and family on the day. They also wanted a Brisbane wedding photographer and Brisbane wedding videographer who was familiar with their chosen location for the outdoors shoot – the historic Fort Lytton National Park. The decaying buildings feature fabulous archways and curved stairways surrounded by paddocks of grassland that lead to the water’s edge. The site provided the perfect sentiment for Ruby and Budda.

It had all the characteristics they were aiming for in look and feel. Brisbane’s old fort was both romantic and worn-in as well as edgy-urban and rustic.  These qualities offset the ultra-glamorous couple in magnificent ways. Ruby was every bit the gorgeous bride dressed in a George Wu custom-designed gown comprising a long figure-hugging lace bodice that drifted into layers of full-length chiffon and had a waist trim of a single narrow band of studded pearls. Budda wore a navy suit and bow tie and together, in this charming shabby-chic setting, this couple couldn’t have looked more beautiful. Of course, everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day.  After all, wedding photographs are forever memories of your special day. Pelazzari Photography knows the huge responsibility we carry in being your wedding photographers and videographers. However, our background in bridal fashion photography has given us a high level of expertise in fashion wedding photography. We understand and use the techniques required to produce images of exceptional quality that showcase the beauty and elegance of each couple as they celebrate their promises of life-long love.