Ash and Matt looked every bit the perfect bride and groom when they stepped out for their wedding photoshoot. They had come to us with something very special in mind that meant it would need to be a pre-wedding shoot. As a Brisbane wedding photographer, all of us at Pelazzari Photography love these types of shoots because they tend to be more intimate and relaxed. For Ash and Matt, opting for a pre-wedding shoot gave them the opportunity to get exactly the wedding photographs they had dreamed about. They didn’t have to compromise or be tied to finding a place close to their wedding ceremony and reception venues just for the sake of convenience. The location they chose was a private farm. The hills were carpeted in lush green grass that led to a tree-fringed lake. You couldn’t ask for a more idyllic setting for this nature-loving couple. In what was an inspired symbolic and romantic gesture the couple decorated a small wooden rowboat with huge garlands of flowers before launching themselves on to the lake and allowing the boat to drift away.

On dry land, Ash and Matt made the most of the luscious grass, old wooden fences and wide-open spaces. Ash was also able to play with her different looks in with a change in George Wu designer gowns and different floral headwear, including a spectacularly colourful crown. This very happy couple had all the time and freedom they needed to get just the images they wanted.  On the wedding day, it was all about the videography. We kept the camera rolling while Ash and Matt let loose, celebrating with their family and friends and making the most of the day being together, without the need for a photo interlude. This was magic for them. At Pelazzari Photography we strive to bring each couple perfect images to match their perfect day be they photographic or video graphic formats.  In some cases, this means doing things a little differently to get a result that is out of the ordinary.