It seems like you have been planning your wedding forever and then suddenly it is here, and even more suddenly, it is over. Those little details and the funny moments you missed have gone forever, swept up in the flurry of the day.Like a romantic movie, you have played your wedding a thousand times over in your mind, as you have planned how your day will unfold. You don’t want to miss a minute. And that is where we can help.Pelazzari Photography specialises in wedding videography. Our videographers bring your wedding dreams to life. Your reel becomes real in our hands. We capture all the beauty, excitement and action shared with loved ones as your day transpires – the spontaneous tears of joy, laughter and fun. Your wedding video is your epic romance in glorious full colour. Your favourite movie that you can keep playing for all your years to come.We strive to offer the highest quality in Brisbane wedding videography, or anywhere in Australia or the world for that matter. Our experienced videographers continuously check the footage throughout your wedding day to ensure everything they capture will beautifully showcase your story and celebrations. We never settle for mediocre.Once we have edited your video footage into the required length, we overlay your content with your wedding song and more of your favourite music to complete the package. It is a labour of love to cut hours of videography down to produce a video that is feasible in length. We take great care to create a video that features the very best parts of your day.